Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Reservation for Mary and Joseph on the 25th Please

A hotel chain Tuesday said it was offering couples called Joseph and Mary in Britain, Ireland and Spain free accommodation this Christmas on proof of marriage and name.

Hotel chain Travelodge said husbands and wives matching their criteria would get a night's stay on the house, but with more home comforts than the humble stable of the Christian Nativity story.

The offer, appropriately, runs between Christmas Eve (December 24) to Twelfth Night (January 5, 2008).

"The phrase 'nothing room**' is something that resonates with us in the hotel business," said Travelodge operations director Jason Cotta.

"Therefore this year we have decided to evoke the true spirit of Christmas and invite Mary and Joseph couples as our guests."

A Travelodge spokeswoman said couples will have to be married and provide proof of identity and register their names at a special e-mail address.

Awww...ain't that sweet...such a heart warming little holiday human interest story, it almost makes me want to take down the "Bah Humbug" I put up in Christmas lights across my balcony. Almost...but not quite.

What I really wonder is if they would allow a Maria and a Jose to avail of the offer? If so it would seem only fair that if Maria and Jose had a baby Jesus (pron. Hay-Zeus) then they should get TWO nights free, don't ya think?

But seriously, what a brilliant and exceptionally creative move on the hotel's part. I mean free publicity out the proverbial wazoo and really, how many Mary and Joseph couples can there be? Factor in that they have to be traveling to those certain areas at that specific time and I'll bet you less than a dozen free rooms are given, kudos to Travelodge.

I'm thinkin maybe, just maybe, some of the Saipan hotels could come up with a similar promotion. But seeing as how most of our tourists are Asian, the whole Mary and Joseph Christmas thing might not be a big draw. But what if we tweaked it a little, like for our Japanese market any Toyota Honda couple could stay one night for free. For our Korean tourists it could be the Soju Kim-Chee couple. Oh and for the Russian market it would have to be something like the Kalashnikov Sputnik family. Hmm...somehow I think you might have a better chance of Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the Three Wise Men (Winkin, Blinkin, and Nod) showing up than that last couple but who could happen.

**edited by blog author for clarity

Bad Christmas Joke of the Day:

Have you ever noticed how no matter where you go in the world people from one country/state/island or whatever tend to treat those from a neighboring country/state/island or whatever with, shall we say, some disdain? For example, here on Saipan we tend to poke fun at those from Rota as being somewhat backward (shoot even their speed bumps are inside out, they have something like speed ditches, but don't get me started) When I was younger I fondly remember making relentless fun of the Polish, and to this day I don't even really understand why. While back home in Virginia we ruthlessly rip on those poor souls who have the unfortunate plight of having to call West Virginia home.

So in keeping with the spirit of the holidays, here is a Christmas joke which you can use to lampoon any unsuspecting people group anywhere by simply filling in the blank with whomever your inferior neighbor might be.

"Why wasn't Jesus born in Rota/Poland/West Virginia?"
"Because they couldn't find three wise men and a virgin."


Bruce A. Bateman said...

My first time to read you blog, Bryan. I came over on a referral from GlenD. I'm happy he told me about it. I find the first 3 or 4 posts funny and entertaining and even....hesitates,,,,educational. Thanks,
I'll link up and come on back over.

Serendipity said...

Great work.

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The 3G WiFi router AP I bought from [url=][/url] would very likely also be clever to terminate decrease me download and against around with my apps on my iTouch, admitting that I haven't tried it yet. Shouldn't be a poser I should think. This $100+ may be the best money I've vomit up since it enables me to entertain a species of WiFi core wherever I am. If I was more entrepreneurial, I can smooth start charging other geeks at cafes without WiFi inasmuch as offering access to them. I'm unwavering I can question earn back the $100 this approach! Alternatively, maybe I can start being an affiliate of too, since I'm starting to allow more gadgets and tools there, and have been spreading word finish gather to my kids and friends. Moreover, Christmas is coming in less than 2 months' interval, and I characterize as this Huawei 3G WiFi router would obtain a impressive grant in compensation many of my tech geek friends. I'm sure they'll also rise how streamlined and cool the router looks!

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