Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Come Early

Well...despite all my recent humbugedness I must admit that while it hasn't been the greatest holiday season, it has had some high moments so least follicaly and gastrointestinaly.

Gastrointestinaly this holiday season has been great with the recent addition of two...that's right count em TWO new restaurants on Saipan. One of which I had been eagerly anticipating and one which snuck right up on me. As you may remember from a previous post I have been excitedly awaiting the arrival of Taco Bell since September and finally it has come. And just like God said on the 8th day after he made a run for the border for some pseudo-Mexican fast food "it was good". The other eatery is also something of a thrill ride (at least for those over the age of 80 it might be). What I'm alluding to is the new "360" rotating restaurant located in the UFO looking bit of the edifice formerly known as the Nauru building. Seriously though the atmosphere, service, price and most importantly the food were all quite good and I'm sure I'll be back sooner rather than later. And hey...if anyone ever tells you to sit and spin, you know where to go.

Follicaly, Christmas has come a little early as well. You may remember my Grownup Christmas List where my number one wish this year was for hair, as I am naturally somewhat challenged in that area, and well it came true! After I mainlined 60 cc's of Rogaine, Viola, the stuff started growing like mushrooms on poo! It was great, albeit somewhat short lived, you see it only lasted one night (kinda like Cinderella) but for that small slice of time I was on top of the world...cuz I had bangs! Not only that but it was brought to my attention that with copious amounts of untamed hair on my head I also have a striking resemblance to British heart throb and singer James Blunt.

Which, somehow, brings me to my very first blog poll ever. That's right, get ready cruel world cuz the "Whatever" blog is going interactive. And NO you don't get to vote on whether you think I look like James Blunt or not, I bet you'd like to, but I'm not going to give you that chance to burst my strangely gratifying little bubble about this. Instead, as a Christmas present from me to you, my loyal readers, what you get to do is sit back, relax and listen to two of James' (he told me to call him that) most popular songs and vote on which one you like the most. OK, ready? Good, now the two songs are "You're Beautiful" and "1973" both of which should show up in their entirety below. So enjoy the commercial free songs and be sure and vote to your right. Thanks! and Happy Holidays!

Things My Dad Never Had To Say To Me Joke of the Day:

A young boy had just gotten his driving permit. He asked his father, who was a minister, if they could discuss his use of the car. His father said to him, "I'll make a deal with you. You bring your grades up, study your Bible a little, and get your hair cut, then we will talk about it." A month later the boy came back and again asked his father if they could discuss his use of the car. His father said, "Son, I'm real proud of you. You have brought your grades up, you've studied your Bible diligently, but you didn't get hair cut!" The young man waited a moment and replied, "You know Dad, I've been thinking about that. You know Samson had long hair, Moses had long hair, Noah had long hair, and even Jesus had long hair." His father replied, "Yes son, and they walked everywhere they went!"


Marc said...

I prefer "1973" only because it's got that "i can lean on the wall here in the shadows snapping my fingers and tapping my foot on the floor while listening to this song" kind of groove. ^_^

but ya, i must've been WASTED at that party not to have noticed that you DO look like James Blunt! LOL

Beth and Luke said...

No way I could ever vote for "You're Beautiful" after hearing the Weird Al version "You're Pitiful". Can't even think of James Blunt the same way. You DO look like him though. I thought Luke was going to hurt himself laughing at the pics!

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Merry Christmas, B

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Merry Christmas, Bryan, from the Bateman's.