Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Not Worth Stealing

Microsoft: Vista Piracy less than XP

Software giant Microsoft has stated that as per their research piracy of the Vista OS is much less compared to the pirated installations of Windows XP.

One of the primary reasons behind this is the anti piracy measures taken by the company to protect the recently launched Vista OS.

However, these measures have also been a pain for the genuine customers as they had to suffer at times due to company’s faults or activation server downtimes.

A company representative added: “Piracy rates are lower because it’s harder.”

Market experts have said that to make Vista harder to pirate, Microsoft is ending up annoying the genuine buyers of the OS.

Um..yeah… that’s an interesting way to spin it but in my opinion the reason no one wants to pirate the vaunted Vista OS is for the same reason that birds fly upside down in Rota/Poland/West Virginia (see previous post)…there’s nothing worth crapping on, or stealing in this case.

Because trust me, there were plenty of pre-releases and cracked versions of Vista floating around in the “what’s a copyright?” zone in the early stages and they were quite popular. But the proof of the pudding’s in the eating as they say and well, not even a side of spam and a generous slathering of our beloved Tabasco sauce could make Vista any more palatable.

Speaking of spam…this kinda reminds me of a car I once owned, when I was in high school my parents proudly bequeathed me this piece of shyt which they called a car so that I could drive myself to and from school. Lets just say the “big cheese” as we called the schoolbus, was way cooler than this “car”…and I use that term loosely. If this car had been a Transformer it would have resembled an unshaven homeless Michael Moore in robot form but in vehicle mode it was a sleek sexy 1983 Ford Fairmont and I’m sure I could have left this piece downtown at midnight with the keys in it and the windows rolled down and no one would have bothered to even knick a hubcap.

Which brings us back to the reason no one is stealing Windows latest offspring…cuz NO ONE WANTS IT…even for free!

But ahoy me hardies what’s this up ahead on the starboard tack, well shiver me timbers its Windows XP with the upcoming service pack 3 update, now THAT I’d be willing to board and pillage. Arrrgghh!

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Marc said...

Am I the ONLY one who likes Vista? Okay, I admit, I find a problem with Vista every now and then, but all my old XP problems are either gone or less of a problem now with Vista. As of right now, the only reason I want to put XP on my computer is so that I can play a game that can't make up it's mind if it wants to run on Vista or not. That's the fault of the software developers, not the OS. *sigh* I can't believe I'm actually arguing on the side of MS right now...be back later, I'm trying to find my pistol now.