Monday, August 13, 2007

What I'm Listening To

I have a passion for music and as a former radio DJ I also have a passion for sharing music with other people SO...after spending all of Saturday and much of Sunday afternoon working on a way to share my vast collection of music with the masses, I finally have my new phatass little widget up and running. Now if you'll take a second and peruse over to your right there you'll notice my neat new little widget entitled "What I'm Listening To" and it's pretty much just that. It's a sample of my 25 gigabyte (and growing) music collection. It's what I've been throwing on my Winamp media player over the last week or so and it's all there for your listening enjoyment. If its a song that you're also quite fond of you can even download it to your computer to have for your very own, simply right click and save target as...and away you go. So pick an artist, then click on that groovy little orange play button, sit back, relax and surf the net to the hippest new tunes brought to you by your's truly si Bryan Agaga ;)

I hope this works.....Let me know how it goes...


Betsy said...

well, it's official, you certainly are the smartest, but along with that the nerdiest dude in our family :)I'm glad you're taking the time to do this blog deal, it's fun to catch up and hear your latest random rant and all that's encompassed with one's life on the island of saipan. I couldn't check out your music yet cause the lil box said my connectioin was timed out, but I'll have to come back to that one.
Also, you had me intrigued the whole way through your "whatever" shpeel. maybe you should look in to being a columnist. Ya know we do have the ever-growing newspaper right in the heart of RIC...Times Dispatch baby!! hehe. However, there are others. Something to think about :)

Silly Socrates said...

Is this legal?