Tuesday, August 21, 2007

So Ya Think Yer Smart, Eh, Mrs. Pink?

My wife sent me this little picture with the title "find yourself". At first I was baffled by these vague instructions but after approximately 2.8 seconds...hehe yea right, I became aware of her intent, which was not to test my intellectual prowess but simply to taunt me. But before I give too much of it away, why don't you try taking this little mental exercise. See how long it takes you to find the man in this picture. Apparently if you find him in under 3 seconds you have a pretty highly developed coconut on your shoulders. If, however it takes you over 3 minutes to find the guy then it would seem you have more of a rotten mango between the ears.

So without any further ado, fire up those synapses and get ready...set...go!

So, now that you've found the man (you have found him, right) you can see that apparently my wife thinks I have less hair on my head than a coffee bean, which I take exception to and respond with a resounding "Whatever!"

Incidentally I hear it took her well over a minute to find the man, and even then she was only able to locate him after her co-worker gave her the hint that he looked like me :-/

Kid Quote of the Day:

During lunch today I had a second grader ask me in all sincerety "So if you're Mr. Redd, then is your wife Mrs. Pink?"


Lewie Tenorio said...

Mr Red, Mrs. Pink - sounds like a couple of characters from the Reservoir Dogs.

Lucy says in Carolinian, it's meta-ever !

bradinthesand said...

Like three seconds! Maybe two and a half, even.

Beth and Luke said...

Ah, only took me a quick glance around. (It DOES look like you!) I love your wife! (Remember the whole, "Bryan got the cat pregnant incident"...)

Bev said...

i found you in like 3 secs! hehe

Lewie Tenorio said...

Came across a picture from when you first came out here. Found it in some laptop laying around here at the station. Don't think I would have recognized you hiding among the coffee beans, *ahem* Harry Potter.

KelliOnSaipan said...

Yep, just took a quick glance around - about 5 seconds. But sure enough, you make a good coffee bean. Fun game, say thanks to mrs. pink.

Bryan said...

Haha...well I'm glad everyone's had soo much fun finding "me". With all these comments it looks like I'm on my way to becoming more popular than Nemo and Waldo combined.